Joseph Choi Photography

My name is Joseph Choi and I was born in South Korea. I came to California in 1983. I am a photo enthusiast who loves to go out and capture beautiful California and US Western Landscapes. Since I grabbed a digital camera 7  years ago, I’ve been drawn into the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, beautiful California beaches, and coast. I have visited Yosemite National Park many times in the past few years and Eastern Sierra as well. I like to photograph waterfalls and wildflowers like the dogwood in spring, but misty snow-covered Yosemite Valley in the winter morning. Reflections and gorgeous fall colors are favorite subjects too in lakes and mountains of the Eastern Sierra.

I own a professional Sony A7RM2  mirrorless and Nikon D500 camera. Most of the time, I use the A7RM2 which has 42 megapixels of a high-resolution full-frame camera for landscapes. Otherwise, I use Nikon D500  which is capable of rapid firing at 10 frames a second for bird photography. My lenses are excellent Sony FE 16-35mm wide-angle zoom, FE 24-70mm mid-zoom, FE 100-400mm telephoto, Samyang 14mm ultra-wide angle, and Nikon DX 16-80mm. For the subject in distance, I use Nikon 300mm f4 pf lens which produces beautiful colors and sharpness for bird photography

I hope you enjoy my photos and thank you for visiting my website.

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